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Compete alongside NFL celebrities like Super Bowl XLI champ and 7-time Pro Bowler, Dwight Freeney, and thousands of others in a Madden NFL ’21 tournament unlike anything before. Get started by entering your email below.

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Exclusive Prizes

You could win 1 of 23 exclusive pairs of these Jordan’s only by participating in this tournament. You don’t have to be a Madden pro to win a pair of these exclusive Jordan’s- you can win just by participating.

2 pairs of these Jordan’s are up for grabs just by playing in this tournament.

8 Competitors Win Big

Custom, unreleased Jordans will be shipped out to the top 4 players for both Xbox One and Playstation 4 competitions

Enter To Win

By completing at least one match, you have a chance to win a pair of these exclusive Jordans.

Beat Dwight Challenge

If you beat Dwight head-to-head in Madden, he will bow down to you and ship you a custom signed jersey.

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3rd N Long


This March, Dwight Freeney is launching 3rd N Long, a series of Madden tournaments hosted on the Generation Esports platform.

3rd N Long is built on the shared values of Generation Esports and Super Bowl champion Dwight Freeney, with the belief that esports is a pathway to create new and life-changing opportunities to gamers everywhere.

GenE and Dwight Freeney are teaming up to inspire hyper-engaged, Gen-Z gamers with positivity, play, and the power of Madden!

Powered by Generation Esports, The Platform Behind the Nation’s Largest Scholastic Esports League

Match Up with Madden Players All Over the Country

A Clear Vision of Inspiring, Engaging, and Supporting Gen-Z Gamers

Supported by Influencers and Celebrities Who Are Devoted to Gaming Culture

Play Alongside Super Bowl Champion, Dwight Freeney

Viewed by Gamers All Over on Twitch


Don’t miss out for your chance to participate in what could be the largest Madden tournament of all time. Get started by entering your email below.

Match Times

March 1st through March 12th, 2021

Registration Opens

Official tournament registration goes live on the Generation Esports platform.

Registration Closes

You better be on the platform and have told all your buddies before this date to not miss out

Matches Start

You and your buddies will match up randomly with opponents across the country for your chance to win big. Match times will be provided once registration opens.

Playoffs Begin

The top players that outperformed the rest will be invited to a 2 day playoff bracket for their chance to compete for the top 3 slots. Matches will be streamed on Twitch.


The final matches of the tournament will be live streamed on Twitch.

Winners Announced

All the participation and competitive winners will be announced during the live stream on Twitch.

Generation eSports

Generation Esports (GenE) is the platform that operates the entire scholastic esports pipeline – Middle School Esports League (MSEL), High School Esports League (HSEL), & the NJAAE collegiate league. We put student athletes first in all our partnerships by focusing on how we can create opportunities for students to get college or career access. We strive to be inclusive of all games, people, and communities while creating fair, fun, and structure competition.

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Dwight Jason Freeney is an American former professional football player who was a defensive end for 16 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Syracuse where he earned unanimous All-American honors. Following his success in college, Dwight was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the first round of the 2002 NFL Draft where he won Super Bowl XLI over the Chicago Bears, and made seven Pro Bowl appearances. Throughout his career, he also played for the San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions.

Dwight Freeney

Tournament FAQs

Are These REAL Jordans?

Oh you betchya! The Jordan Brand is customizing these Jordan 1 Retros just for this tournament. Michael Jordan and Dwight Freeney are good buddies and Jordan himself is excited about hooking it up for this tournament.

How Much is It?

Entry into the tournament is absolutely FREE. That is 0$. ZERO DINERO. For your chance to win an exclusive pair of Jordans. 

Will I play against celebrities and pro athletes?

You might. Dwight has a lot of friends who play Madden and you just might be lucky enough to compete against one of them head-to-head. And if you get paired with Dwight…and BEAT him, he will ship you a signed jersey for free.

How do I sign up?

Enter your email to receive instructions on how to sign up on Generation Esports and join the 3rd N Long Community on the Generation Esports platform.

Who is eligible to play?

All US residents that are 13 years or older and own a copy of Madden ’21 for Xbox or PlayStation

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